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Coach is claimed to derive from this Turkic word.

Coach, one of the most frequently used words of Turkic origin in English, was borrowed in its original meaning – “a large, covered carriage”. In Kazakh Kösh is a nomadic migration.


A word “uhlan”, came to English through Polish. The etymological dictionaries of English wrongly derive uhlan from the Turkish oglan – “a young man”. In the Tatar of the epoch of the Golden Horde, uglan meant not only “a child, a young man”, but also “a noble warrior”, and was also applied in relation to the Khan’s Guards.


Did you know that “orta” means “center”, “medium” in Kazakh.

English word “horde” derives from the Turkic urda (orta, urta) – “the center, the middle of something”. This word obtained the meaning of “Khan’s headquarters, camp”, and later “army” (e.g. in Turkish – “ordu”). The version “orta” in the modern Turkish began to mean “company, battalion”. In Arabic, “urta” began to mean “battalion, squadron”. “Ordu” – “army” was adopted by Arabic in the meaning of “detachment, corps”).